Cyber Crime Investigation

Whether it’s the take down of a spam botnet, the outing of the Koobface gang or the arrest of cyber criminals behind the Zeus banker Trojan, law enforcement agencies around the world rely heavily on the skills of the cyber security & cyber crime experts community to conduct forensic investigations and produce reliable data that may eventually lead to the conviction of a cyber criminal.

Cyber Crime Investigation Experts Piyush Ratnu

Practice Areas:
Cyber Forensic, Evidence Recovery, E-Discovery, E-mail Tracking, IP Tracking, MMS Video Clip Examination & Verification, Video Tempering Analysis, Audio Tempering Examination, Voice Alteration Verification, Web Tracking, Data Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, Formatted Disk Recovery, Virus Attack Investigation, Hacking Investigation, Web Security, Cyber Security, Document Security, Digital Signatures, E-mail Security, Computer Security, Network Security, Hard Disk Imaging, Disk Snap, Forensic Data Collection, Wrongful Termination from Job / Organization, Cyber Security, Internet Crimes, Software Piracy, Hardware Theft, Data Duplication, Replication, Cloning, Searching Specific Keyword or Term in Computer Disks, Tracking User Activity on Computer, Computer Forensics, Deleted E-Mail Recovery, Corrupted Data Recovery, Mobile Phone Data Recovery, Domain Registration & Protection, Facebook Community Crimes, Anonymous Letters & Emails, Digital Evidence Collections, Security Auditing, Cell Phone Forensics, Database Examination and Recovery, Password Protection / Unlocking, E-Mail & SMS Crimes, Threatening letters & E-Mails IP Tracking.

Key Strengths :

  • IP Mirroring & Linux / Windows Server Tracking Expert
  • SSL, Integer Factorization Algorithm Expert
  • Cipher Text, Cryptanalysis & Cryptography Expert
  • Payment Gateways – Encryption, Implementation, Security & Module Expert

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